Soroptimist Dream It Be It

Virtual Career Conference for High School Girls

2020 conference


52 students registered online. Out of which, 42% of students like Math and Science at schools, 12% of students like English and 12% of students like Social Science. 43% of students are looking for careers in S.T.E.M., 15% of students want to be techers and 8% of students are interested in being nurses.

37 students participated in our virtual event. 90% said that they would attend another event with Soroptimist and 70% said that they would apply Soroptimist awards.

10 mentor videos were played. 6 keynote speakers were sharing their experience, giving advice and leading interactive activities with students as following:

Sector 1 - S.T.E.M.

Speaker: Vivian Tsang

Topic: S.T.E.M. with a Purpose

Contact: Vivian

Vivian is a medical student at the University of British Columbia recognized as a National Schulich Scholar, and TEDx speaker. Previously, Vivian ran the Dream It, Be It program. In her presentation, she talks about a career in S.T.E.M and shares her own journey to finding her voice and her experience working in a career that is still very much male-dominated.

Sector 2 - Education

Speaker: Donna Webb

Topic: A Versatile Teacher

Contact: Donna

Donna Webb has been a teacher, councillor, programme director who has a great passion to make a lasting difference in students' lives through delivering knowledge, skill, information and experience. In her presentation, Donna walks us through the skills and attributes that a teacher should possess and gives us a closer look into the everyday life of a teacher.

Soroptimist Violet Richardson Awards

Are you a young woman in Vancouver between the ages of 14 and 18 who volunteers in your community or school? Who sees challenges instead of obstacles? Hope instead of despair? If you are a young woman who believes in the power of volunteer action, then you may be eligible to win a Soroptimist Violet Richardson Award.

For Detail & Apply Online:

Sector 3 - Movement

Speaker: Karen Kobel

Topic: Mindful Movement Workshop

Contact: Karen

Karen Kobel was able to turn her dreams her reality. Karen has been dancing since she was 3 and it has been her goal in life to make movement her career. With a BFA in Dance Performance, Karen has been dancing for the past 38 years. After discovering her love for movement and fitness, Karen discovered Pilates and has been teaching it for 18 years. She opens up about her motivations behind her career and talks about the basis of Pilates.

Sector 4 - Life Coach

Speaker: Diane Rolston

Topic: The Secret to Your Success

Contact: Diane

Diane Rolston is the behind-the-scenes business advisor and coach for many business owners, thought leaders, and high achievers. Diane empowers and teaches women through her coaching. She shares her secret took to help create achievable goals, balance your stress and the ultimate dynamic life you love.

Sector 5 - Public Services

Speaker: Lieutenant Jennifer Dawkins

Topic: Vancouver Fire, Rescue Services & Camp Ignite

Contact: Lieutenant

Jennifer Dawkins has been a firefighter with Vancouver Fire Rescue Service since May 2000 and currently holds the position of Lieutenant. She shares a little about herself and the fire department. To conclude her presentation, she provides information on different programs that the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services have for young people who may be interested in the fire service.

Sector 6 - Trade

Speaker: Heather Sosa

Topic: Succeed in Makeup Industry

Contact: Heather

Heather Sosa talks about her process in getting into trades and the start of her cometic career. She gives us a background on her childhood and the different jobs that she has worked before working as a career director at Blanche MacDonald. She discusses working in applied arts and the importance of work ethic. To conclude the presentation Heather discusses the different programs offered by Blanche Macdonald for those interested in the makeup industry.