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Diane Rolston

Diane Rolston is the behind the scenes business advisor and coach for many business owners, thought leaders, and high achievers.



Since she runs a business, speaks on international stages, and is a 3-time author all while raising two young children, Diane knows firsthand about handling a lot and can show you how to have work/life balance.

Diane is recognized as one of the most trusted, business and motivational keynote speakers and coaches. Her systems & processes help her clients to have "clarity" on what to focus on, the "confidence" to go for it, and an "action" plan for tangible steps.

As an Award-Winning Coach and the CEO & Founder of Dynamic Women®, Diane Rolston has been called THE expert on being Dynamic. Teaching anyone who wants to increase their results, how to correctly manage, package, and sell their time, experience, and expertise.

Diane is interested in win-win joint ventures and speaking opportunities in which she and her partners can support each other's long-term goals.

Donna Webb

A Born Educator

A Versatile Teacher

Donna Webb has been a teacher, councillor, programme director since age 5 - a born educator.

She has great passion to make a lasting difference to youngsters' lives through delivering knowledge, skill, information and experience. She herself is a lifelong learning too - she loves reading, loves growing, loves changing and adapting to new experiences. She is blessed to have lived her passion to teach and share.

She is a versatile teacher. She taught in Toronto, Etobicoke, Vancouver, Milan, Northern Ireland always being the innovator.

Her learning is not limited to the classrooms. She travelled from coast to coast in Canada. She spent many summers in Europe or sailing in the British Virgin Islands; one time travelling on the mail boat to Grenada. She travelled to Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska. She recently joined with a music and dance Cuban trip where they visited schools and hospitals as well as met the local artists.

Her passion extends into her retired life: she joined recently clubs, like The Vancouver Council of Women, PLO and Soroptiimist which all share her core values of serving others. During this Covid time, she is on zoom with book club, and film club. She has assisted a friend deal with three months of serious hospital stay, and helped a friend to deal with incapability's because of broken hips.

She three grown children a daughter and two sons. She has five grandchildren ranging from two to ten - and she is their nana. She used to volunteer weekly , before Coved, in a local Elementary school sharing her love of children with helping them to explore their imaginations, through crafts and reading, and most importantly being their nana too.

The impression she makes on the individual continues onto the next generation.

Heather Sosa

Blanche Macdonald Centre
Career Director
Makeup Programs

Blanche Macdonald Centre is recognized as Canada's #1 College for Makeup, Esthetics, Nail Artistry, Hair Design, and Fashion.

Emmy award-winning instructors and graduates.

The College is recognized worldwide for delivering an international-based curriculum that responds to the needs of the industry. With specialized focus on the Applied and Creative Arts, the College is able to foster a dynamic, collaborative and reality-based learning environment that best prepares our graduates for industry success.

I was influenced by the arts, and hard work growing up. My mother was an artist my father a businessman.

My mother always cared for her skin and appearance and I was exposed to cosmetics at an early age. At a young age I would lock myself in the bathroom, go into my mom's makeup drawer, and play with all her makeup and skincare. I always noticed woman's makeup in person, on TV and in print.

I grew up around a lot of diversity and with middle and lower-class families. At a young age I had to start figuring a lot out on my own. I was incredibly shy, and lacked confidence. I loved the arts, but I also had the drive to get into business. With no direction and family support at the time. I graduated from High School. I went backpacking through Europe for many months. This being my first experience discovering other cultures.

After various jobs, and still no direction, I landed a position with Clinique Cosmetics. This was a dream come true. It also led me to having a career in the industry for 37 years.

Prior to my current position at Blanche Macdonald Centre, I worked 25 years in Cosmetic Retail, 11 of those years working for Holt Renfrew.

Early on in my career, and as a single mom, I met and married a black man from Trinidad and Tobago, we had my second son 12 years later.

Being part of an interracial marriage, this opened my eyes even more, and helped me understand the gifts we receive from other cultures, and how much we can learn from all cultures, minorities and economic backgrounds.

I am a forward thinker, a problem solver and try to find a solution to each obstacle along the way

My philosophy is to treat all with dignity, respect and kindness. I enjoy working with people, I see potential in all, and love to celebrate others success.

We are all on our own journeys, and no 2 journeys are alike.

We learn, view and think differently, these are our own gifts.

My biggest accomplishments in life. Stepping out of my own comfort zone, building my own confidence and skill sets, learning as much as I can about people, and that we all come with our own unique story.

Jennifer Dawkins

Jennifer Dawkins has been a firefighter with Vancouver Fire Rescue Service since May 2000 and currently holds the position of Lieutenant.

Facebook: campignitementorship

City of Vancouver:

Jenn has worked in many specialties within VFRS including Hazardous Materials, Heavy Urban Search and Rescue, First Responder Instruction and Auto Extrication. She is passionate about recruitment and outreach and assists in this area of the department when given the opportunity.

In her personal life she is an endurance athlete who has done multiple Ironman triathlons and cycling events. She is an avid reader and a dog mom to a fluffy German Shepherd named Emma.

She is one of the founding creators of Camp Ignite Mentorship Program.

Camp Ignite is a four-day camp that educates and inspires young women to follow their dreams.The camp is open to British Columbia girls in grades 11-12 (ages 16-18 ), and gives them an introduction to the world of firefighting. Aside from firefighting, each participant will learn about fitness, nutrition, health and teamwork.

Karen Kobel

Yoga, Pilates, Dance & Strength Training


Instagram: kahlenamovement

With a BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University, Karen has been dancing for the past 38 years, teaching for the past 25 years and performing for various artists such as Mia Michaels, Jay Norman, Marjon Van Grunsven, Tomi Galaska, Mary Carbonaro and Peter Grey Terhune. She has performed on the Regal Princess and Crown Princess Cruise ships, Madora, and other local artists. She is a STOTT Certified Pilates instructor. She is a Simonson Certified Dance instructor as well as CI Training Certified instructor.

After discovering her love for movement and fitness, Karen discovered Pilates. With a focus on enhancing core strength and bringing increased reach, flexibility, sure-footedness and agility, it made perfect sense for her to pair her love for dance with her next love, Pilates. She has been teaching Pilates for 18 years, and continues to challenge her students with her various teaching techniques.

Combining Simonson Dance Technique with Pilates and CI training, Karen has created a unique class format that not only allows the body to flow from movement to movement, it allows the mind to connect to the present moment, leaving her clients feeling rejuvenated, renewed, and restored.

After returning from Kenya and Uganda in November 2013, Karen realized the importance of tuning into one's life purpose. After teaching women with HIV Pilates/Dance/Strength Training and listening to their life stories she now realizes her life purpose to inspire others, especially women to find their own voice just as she found after the past few years of focusing on finding me mine. Karen inspires and share her experiences with others in the hopes that it will help them believe that anything is possible, and everything is possible!

Vivian Tsang

Vivian is a medical student at the University of British Columbia recognized as a National Schulich Scholar, and TEDx speaker.

Locally, she heads her own non-profit organization, The HOPE Initiative Foundation and most recently was a co-founder of the BC COVID-19 Medical Student Response Team mobilizing thousands of students in Canada, US, and Australia. She spent the past summers in South Africa and Zimbabwe implementing the WHO HealthWISE toolkit to prevent infectious disease transmission for workers in low-resource settings and worked at the WHO Headquarters in Geneva in the Special Programme for Tropical Diseases Research. Vivian hopes to dedicate her life to improving healthcare accessibility and reducing social inequalities for vulnerable population groups.

Vivian is also heavily involved in paediatric patient advocacy through her positions as Lead of the National KidsCan Program, a youth research advisory group involving 17 paediatric centres across Canada. She also serves on the Board of Directors on the International Children's Advisory Network- an advisory group that collaborates with researchers and clinicians in 21 cities around the world to improve paediatric research. Vivian represents the Faculty of Medicine on the Senate, the university's highest academic governing body, co-chaired the Medical Undergraduate Society's Political Development Committee and sat on the Vancouver City Council's Children, Youth, and Families Advisory Committee.

Vivian hopes to dedicate her life to improving healthcare accessibility and reducing social inequalities for vulnerable population groups.